A Week of Adventures

A Week of Adventures

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So this week was probably 20 times more interesting than last week. While the majority of it was spent doing school work, the weekend was pretty exciting!

The week started out with a huge accomplishment for me, which I am going to continue bragging about for a while. I ran my first ever 10 consecutive miles on Monday! Before this my longest run had been a little over 6 miles, so I am extremely excited! The downside is I don’t think I took enough time to rest afterwards and seem to have a bit of a hip injury. I’m hoping doing a week or so of easy one mile runs will help and I won’t have to stop my run streak!

So if we fast-forward to Wednesday, we went out and picked 12 more pounds of blueberries and I think about 6 pounds of blackberries. Our freezer is getting a tad bit full at this point- we might need another chest freezer! So far we have already out-picked our total from last year with 33 pounds for this summer, and we still might get more this Wednesday! We are going to have so much fresh picked fruit in the freezer, but I don’t think you can ever have too much frozen fruit, especially with how many smoothies we drink.



I used some of our fresh blueberries and made made blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Thursday morning and they were delicious!

Skip ahead again to Friday and there were more adventures! I’ve been really wanting to get out of the house more and go hiking with Rory, so that is what I did. I’m not particularly fond of trying new things by myself, but I gave it a go anyway and I’m so glad that I did. I decided to start off small and just took him over to a local park and we walked along the pathways back in the woods and we played on the playground a little bit afterwards. I even whipped up a little veggie stir fry in the morning and took it with me to eat while we were out. It is definitely something I will be doing again and I’m even looking into getting Rory his own little hiking backpack and collapsable water bowl! I took so may pictures while we were exploring, so prepare yourself.

 IMG_9131   IMG_9135

IMG_9139    IMG_9143

On Saturday we packed up nice and early to head to Williamsburg to get our new boat! My parents had to sail it from Williamsburg all the way home, which was about an 8 hour trip. I was in charge of bringing the car back home and picking them up from the marina once they got home, so I ended up spending the day up in Yorktown until it was time to pick them up. You can bet I was thinking about them all day and hoping they were doing ok. I didn’t have any doubts about their sailing abilities, but how could I not worry??


While my parents were off on their sailing (well, they ended up motoring the whole way because the wind just disappeared) adventure I spent the majority of the day swimming in the York River with one of my friends, which was extremely refreshing and so much fun. I hadn’t been swimming at a beach in over a year and I absolutely loved it, especially because it was about 95 degrees on Saturday! We even went on a little walk down a really beautiful trail after swimming, which was really cool because there was bamboo everywhere and it was shaded by trees. After our walk we got really hot again and headed over to the ice skating rink and spent about an hour or so ice skating. Usually I get so cold I can barely stand to skate for more than 15 minutes or so, but it was so hot outside I was loving every minute of it. Once I got back into the swing of skating, that is.

Needless to say, everyone made it back home safely. Though I did get nice and worried when I got to the dock and saw a huge strike of lightning and no sight of my parents yet. I may have called them 3 times flipping out, but in the end they made it back safely with no lightning encounters. They actually made it back just in time. About 20 minutes after they got to the dock a huge storm came through and just as we got in the car to leave the rain started coming down hard. Good thing they weren’t any later!


And with all that excitement we ended the week with a little bit more work on the boat on Sunday. It was a great week and I can’t wait to have more adventures with Rory and on the boat!